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How to Clean Vinyl Records – The Ultimate Guide | Sound Matters how to clean vinyl records the ultimate guide

By Marc Henshall
September 27, 2023

"Clean vinyl records not only guarantee a superior listening experience, minimizing unwanted noise, but also promise a lasting lifespan for your collection. Dive into our extensive guide on how to clean vinyl records and swiftly return to the world of unparalleled auditory delight.

This comprehensive guide is neatly segmented into three accessible sections (all include video clips), enabling a quick and easy understanding of the cleaning process."

Gadgets: This wireless turntable looks and sounds great | Gregg Ellman - Tribune News Service

By Gregg Ellman
October 4, 2023

"My record collection is valuable to me, so I was hesitant to use fluids and brushes on any of them. But recently, I scored a bunch of records at a garage sale, so I took a few of them I would never listen to for testing. After cleaning a few B sides, I have no hesitation in using the cleaner on any of my valuable vinyl collections."

EXPOSED: Are These Record Cleaning Kits Worth It? | Sound Matters

By Marc Henshall
September 28, 2023

"[Sound Matters] tested eight popular vinyl record cleaning kits [found on Amazon] to see which one had the best design from a usability viewpoint and record cleaning ability. The results were quite surprising, with a clear winner."

Two Affordable Record Cleaning Solutions Every Vinyl Lover Should Own | ecoustics

By Ian White
August 30, 2023

"For those who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a record cleaning machine, the GrooveWasher kit works rather effectively; you spray each side of your record before playing it and clean it with the brush, wiping away all of the fluid from the surface of the record."

Curated Used Record Seller AudiophileUSA Adds GrooveWasher | Tracking Angle

By: Michael Fremer
August 12th, 2023

...Rather than vacuuming a really dirty record or placing it into a cavitation vat, why not pre-clean it to remove contaminants that can foul velvet lips or the cavitation tank, requiring you to replace the water more often? GrooveWasher also makes a fluid made especially for cavitation machines...

SoundStage, Thom Moon on Using GrooveWasher Walnut Record Cleaning Kit


Written by Thom Moon

"On first glance, GrooveWasher Walnut appears to be a near-duplicate of the Discwasher. The basic Walnut kit consists of a 4-ounce bottle of G2 cleaning solution and a walnut-handled cleaning pad. The cleaning pad is cushioned and covered in split microfiber, which the company claims is “many times more effective” than other cleaning fabrics. The kit also includes a circle of soft plastic that can be used to cover the record’s label while you’re cleaning it."