GrooveWasher Friends

The Vinyl Guide With Nate Goyer, Sidney, Australia

Enjoy Nate Goyer's podcast, The Vinyl Guide, for entertaining and informative episodes on all things related to vinyl records. Nate is the world's leading record nerd, collector and music lover. Click the link above to subscribe and download the podcast from ITunes! GrooveWasher is a proud sponsor of The Vinyl Guide.

Sound Matters

Sound Matters is the website for vinyl in the digital age.  Tips, tricks, product reviews to get the best experience from vinyl records.
Marc Henshall researches audio equipment and accessories and writes his findings in compelling, common sense articles. He invites his readers to engage with their experience. Like us, he believes in the vinyl format as the best way to own music.  
Sound Matters has a growing international audience. Check it out!
Marc has written reviews on GrooveWasher products and we are proud that his findings are positive!

Third Man Records

Third Man Records in Nashville is at the cutting edge of recorded music in the world today. Jack White and his talented team members are recording, producing, pressing and marketing exciting records. In association with the Third Man Records designers, we created a premium Third Man edition of the GrooveWasher Record Cleaning Kit. GrooveWasher is proud to be associated with Third Man Records.

Turntable Lab, Greenwich Village, New York

Turntable Lab is considered by many record lovers to be New York City's premier retailer for new and pre-owned records, turntables and other audio products, and now GrooveWasher!  Turntable Lab has two physical stores, a massive online store and an Amazon store.

Creme Tangerine Records, Costa Mesa, California

Parker Macy's Creme Tangerine Records in Costa Mesa, California is one of the coolest record shops in the US.  The store operates in a vintage Airstream trailer! Parker is a musician, band manager and record producer. GrooveWasher is excited to have its products offered at Creme Tangerine.

Funky Moose Records, a proud Canadian record store

Funky Moose Records is a premier online record and audio products store based in Canada, owned and managed by Mark Poppen.  Mark is building a huge base of customers who love vinyl records and useful accessories like GrooveWasher.

Vinyl Lovers Unite

Vinyl Lovers Unite started as a Facebook page that quickly blossomed into a vibrant community of vinyl record enthusiasts. Born in 2015, their pledge is to provide music fans from all over the world with the selection and friendliness of your favorite local record store with the convenience and reasonable prices you expect from shopping online. They specialize in rare limited editions, color vinyl, imports and live albums. They stock a wide range of vinyl from all genres from all over the globe.

We are proud that Vinyl Lovers Unite chose GrooveWasher as their preferred record cleaning kit to offer to their customers!

LUNO Custom Stereo Consoles, Los Angeles

Jennifer Farmer and Dan Knowles have reimagined the midcentury stereo console. They create custom works of furniture art that produces audiophile quality sound. Contact them with your dream console idea.  

Josey Records, Crossroads Arts District, Kansas City

Josey Records is a pioneering record store in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City. Located across the street from the Crossroads outdoor music venue gives its customers terrific bin shopping before and after concerts. You can see images of the Josey store in the GrooveWasher Kickstarter video! A cool place to shop for treasures.

Brothers Music, Mission, Kansas

Kyle and Cole opened their music and record store on a great corner of Johnson Drive in Mission, KS. They curate a wide selection of new and used vinyl, provide music lessons and generate an entertaining vibe for record and music lovers. They are enthusiastic promoters of GrooveWasher products.

Barnyard Orbit, Kansas City, Missouri

Joseph and Mike have an active online record sales operation--Music Stack and Discogs. And they have a fun retail space in "The Space" in the West Bottoms.  GrooveWasher is proud they offer GrooveWasher and to have them as Friends.

Got What You Like, Hickman Mills, Missouri

Mark Harper is known in Kansas City record circles as a master at finding excellent examples of previously owned records many collectors crave.  His out of the way record store is a delight for record collectors.

Vinyl Underground at 7th Heaven, KC, MO

Sherman and David at the Vinyl Underground are music and record veterans. Record fans from all over the Midwest come to this mecca of treasure hunting. 7th Heaven is one of Kansas City's iconic shopping venues for records, clothes and accessories.

Mills Record Company, Westport, Kansas City, MO

Mills Record Company is a record store with a huge selection of new and used vinyl, in the Westport neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri. They buy, sell and trade (vinyl records, cds and cassettes). Mills Record Company hosts in-store live music on a weekly basis and supports the Kansas City scene as well as surrounding Missouri and Kansas local musicians. The Mills Record Company team prides itself on accepting any question or music preference with zero judgement.