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Two Affordable Record Cleaning Solutions Every Vinyl Lover Should Own | ecoustics

By Ian White
August 30, 2023

For those who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a record cleaning machine, the GrooveWasher kit works rather effectively; you spray each side of your record before playing it and clean it with the brush, wiping away all of the fluid from the surface of the record.

Top Record Cleaning Tools Every Vinyl Enthusiast Should Own | Sound Matters

By Marc Henshall

...We highly recommend GrooveWasher as our go-to record cleaning solution. When cleaning vinyl records by hand, this meticulously designed record cleaning fluid goes to work quickly on vinyl records and leaves no discernible residue behind.

Unlike some record cleaners, GrooveWasher G2 fluid achieves excellent results without the use of high-alcohol content. Gentle, but highly effective.

Curated Used Record Seller AudiophileUSA Adds GrooveWasher | Tracking Angle

By: Michael Fremer
August 12th, 2023

...Rather than vacuuming a really dirty record or placing it into a cavitation vat, why not pre-clean it to remove contaminants that can foul velvet lips or the cavitation tank, requiring you to replace the water more often? GrooveWasher also makes a fluid made especially for cavitation machines...

Boston Globe's Travel Tips for Chart-topping Trips Worthy of Vinyl Enthusiasts

By Nevin Martell Globe correspondent
Updated July 21, 2023, 10:00 a.m.

"...Don’t just target record stores. Murrah suggests vinyl fans consider stopping by antique stores, thrift shops, estate sales, and garage sales, where vinyl might not be prominently displayed or cataloged, but could be hidden away just waiting to be found. “Sometimes you’ve just got to take a chance,” he says. “Don’t be afraid to look behind doors or see what’s in that pile of boxes in the corner.”

How to 'GrooveWasher', The Notes On Vinyl Way

Published By Robert Halvari

"The easiest way to see the difference a Groovewasher makes is by using records that have a significant built up of dust and static. Following the method above is all well and good and will get good enough results, but you will likely want to experiment at least a little bit to make it your own.

This is an incredibly effective solution and, being linked to the Discwasher, is in itself an industry-standard cleaning solution, and so I do not doubt that it can deal with whatever is thrown at it, and deal with it with devastating effect. Some people online have even chosen to use records that are so old and have been kept in so dank an environment as to accrue mold, using the Groovewasher to rid said records of the spores on their surfaces almost entirely."

SoundStage, Thom Moon on Using GrooveWasher Walnut Record Cleaning Kit


Written by Thom Moon

"On first glance, GrooveWasher Walnut appears to be a near-duplicate of the Discwasher. The basic Walnut kit consists of a 4-ounce bottle of G2 cleaning solution and a walnut-handled cleaning pad. The cleaning pad is cushioned and covered in split microfiber, which the company claims is “many times more effective” than other cleaning fabrics. The kit also includes a circle of soft plastic that can be used to cover the record’s label while you’re cleaning it."