GrooveWasher Record Cleaning Kit- Vinyl LP Record Cleaner
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Clean your records with GrooveWasher! G2 Fluid is safe, fast and easy to use. FREE SHIPPING to US addresses. GrooveWasher is the only manual record cleaner hand made in the USA!

 GrooveWasher Kits Start at $29.95 with FREE SHIPPING!

 “Keep your records clean with the best manual record cleaning system on Earth. And likely Mars and Jupiter too." Nate Goyer, The Vinyl Guide podcast


Order your GrooveWasher Kit today! Clean your records with GrooveWasher for thirty days. If you aren't 100% satisfied that GrooveWasher cleans your records for better sound, return it on our nickel and we will refund your purchase price.

GrooveWasher is proudly designed and handcrafted by the GrooveWasher Team in North Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

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