Three Cleaning Pad Bundle

All three GrooveWasher cleaning pads join forces to enhance your record cleaning needs and procedures.

Bundle and save!

Not all records were created equal, and not all used records were handled equally. Some records will need a little extra love or a modified approach to get clean. 

This trio of pads have individual qualities that provide the flexibility to tackle any record cleaning job.

All three pads are handmade by our our own crafts people, and are swappable and easily mate to our locally sourced and produced, Missouri Walnut handles that come standard with our Walnut Kits, Mondo Kits, and are also available separately.



One Black Terry Microfiber Pad:

Made of highly absorbent split-fiber microfiber fabric, this is our general purpose pad that comes standard with all of our Walnut Handles. It’s an all-around solid performer when used in combination with our family of record cleaning fluids.

One Black Magic Cleaning Pad: 

This pad is designed with a mechanical cleaning action. It has a soft brush fabric with tracking fibers that you can feel get locked in the grooves for a deeper clean. 

The Black Magic Pad is not as absorbent as the microfiber pad. After you’ve done a gentle scrub with one of our record cleaning fluids, remove the Black Magic Pad and replace with the Black Terry Microfiber Pad. Proceed to mop up any residual fluid. 

The Black Magic pad can also be integrated with Vacuum Record Cleaning Machine processes. And we REALLY like it as part of a record pre-clean prior to an Ultrasonic bath. 

One Suede Style Microfiber Pad: 

Made of very fine split-fiber microfiber, soft suede fabric, which works great for fine grooming and static removal just before play.

Just spray some G2 Fluid on the leading edge of the pad, gently apply to a spinning record and rotate to the dry side of the pad. Wait a few seconds and you’re good to go.

NOTE: This Three Cleaning Pad Bundle only includes these three cleaning pads. This bundle does not include a walnut handle.


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