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The GrooveWasher Story

My love for music and records began when I was 6 or 7, growing up in Southern California. My dad had a component stereo system. He collected and enjoyed jazz and classical LPs. I would wake in the middle of the night and play records on his turntable--very quietly of course.

In 1969 an audiophile friend, a professor of microbiology at the University of Missouri, introduced me to high end audio. The visceral experience of listening to well-engineered vinyl records played on a true high fidelity sound system was life changing.

Clean records sound better and last longer.

A few years later my audiophile friend surprised me with a new record cleaning tool he had invented that he called the Discwasher. He had conducted research in his lab to formulate record cleaning fluid that dissolved fingerprint lipids and removed mildew. He found a directional fiber fabric for the cleaning pad and attached it to a solid walnut handle. This record cleaner became the most popular vinyl record cleaning product in the 1970s.

My family was immersed in this company from 1972 to 1982, when he sold it.
Cassettes and CDs supplanted vinyl sales in the mid 1980s. Sales volume of my friend's record cleaning product fell. The new owners forgot the importance of the key features of the original product and the quality declined. 

Fast forward to 2010. My younger son became a sound/recording engineer and musician. He alerted me that the bands he was recording were releasing their music on vinyl. And records were selling again!

My passion for vinyl returned, along with the need to keep my records clean for better sound and record life. I created my own record cleaning fluid, guided by the research my old friend had used. A few years later, it occurred to me that other vinyl lovers might appreciate a new record cleaning product that was an update and enhancement of the Discwasher, the most popular record cleaner of the 1970s.

In 2015 my family founded the GrooveWasher company. Our goal, our passion, is to help people experience the highest fidelity sound a record can produce. We want the listener to enjoy their records without noise caused by dirt, dust, fingerprints and static electricity.

The GrooveWasher is the vinyl record cleaning tool that actually cleans records, fast and easy. And looks great with your sound system.

Please try the GrooveWasher record and stylus cleaning products! We welcome your user reviews, feedback and suggestions.

The Audiophile's Choice for Manual Record Cleaning 

We love music on records! The vinyl record you lovingly hold by your fingertips is the culmination of the talented efforts of musicians, producers, mixing and mastering engineers, pressing plant technicians, distributors and record store owners.

We want our records to produce the sound that the artist and producer intended. And the artist wants to connect with us. That can only happen if the record groove is clean.

The starting point is the record’s groove or “microgroove”. Sound is encoded as waves and ridges in this tiny channel that vibrates the stylus or “needle” as the record rotates. If the groove contains dust, mildew, fingerprint oils, static electricity (or cosmic debris) the accurate reproduction of the music is impaired.

Dirty records sound bad and wear out faster. Clean records sound better and last longer. 

GrooveWasher's goal was to update the most effective, convenient and affordable record cleaning tool of the 1970s. Our customers tell us we succeeded.

What’s In It for Me?

"The real difference is the sound quality of my vinyl after using the system and it's cleaning fluid. Hearing is believing! I've played about a dozen LP's, including vintage and new vinyl, and the surface noise, static and pop are greatly reduced or eliminated; my records just sound better."  A.R., Kickstarter Backer

Your GrooveWasher, with high tech G2 Fluid, will give you:

  • Better sound from your records. Clean records enhance your listening experience. G2 cleaning fluid is specially formulated to clean vinyl records and eliminate static electricity on contact.
  • Longer record life. Records are expensive and delicate. Clean records last longer. GrooveWasher will give you more high fidelity plays from your records.
  • Longer stylus life. High quality “needles” are made from sapphire or diamond. The stylus will wear faster if the groove is dirty. A worn stylus can damage your other records. Once the microgroove is damaged, nothing can return the original sound.

GrooveWasher is the audiophile’s choice for fine grooming before each play. It is also effective for heavy cleaning off the turntable. 

Even if you use a record cleaning bath, vacuum or ultrasonic machine, you still need a GrooveWasher for fine grooming just before play.


GrooveWasher guarantees its products against any and all defects in materials or manufacture. If a purchaser is dissatisfied with the product and returns it to the Company within 30 days of purchase, we will refund 100% of the purchase price.

Due to the individual consumer’s unlimited capacity to use or misuse the products the company will not be liable for any claims of specific performance. The Company’s sole financial liability is the refund of the purchase price.

GrooveWasher offers its products with an implied mutual good faith with the consumer that the products will be used according to the instructions and will perform within reasonable expectations.

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