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Sound Matters' Marc Henshall talks Vinyl Record Cleaning, Discwasher Roots, Rates Mondo Kit 5 Stars

By Marc Henshall

"Regular readers will know why we’ve recommended GrooveWasher as our go-to manual record cleaning solution for over four years now. Quite frankly, in our opinion, it’s the best product on the market in this category. GrooveWasher G2 cleaning fluid is safe, highly effective, and affordable. 

Ultrasonic record cleaners and vacuum-based record cleaning machines are terrific investments, but not everyone has deep enough pockets for such devices. A GrooveWasher cleaning kit, on the other hand, starts at $9.95 for a starter pack and scales up from there until you reach the flagship Mondo kit, which is the topic of today’s review. Put simply; there’s a GrooveWasher kit to suit all record collections great and small."

VINYLBRO Rates the GrooveWasher Record Cleaning Kit Based on 5 Criteria

"The solution that GrooveWasher has developed is extremely great at its job. This is a cleaner that we use and recommend using before every play as there is no real learning curve to it and it is simple and effective. To put it simply, the G2 solution with the Groovewasher brush just works.

On new records, the cleaning removed the press release agent that was present on the records before our first play. We tested this by playing and cleaning them a couple of times per side until there was no more residue and then cleaning the stylus between plays."