Thunderon® Static Dissipative 4" Record Brush

100% Thunderon Fiber

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Reduces noise causing static electricity by conduction through your body to ground.100% Thunderon® fibers for maximum performance (does not contain any goat hair).Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) plastic handle.Superior performance...
  • Reduces noise causing static electricity by conduction through your body to ground.
  • 100% Thunderon® fibers for maximum performance (does not contain any goat hair).
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) plastic handle.
  • Superior performance to carbon fiber brushes.
  • Gently removes dust before play.
  • Compact 4 inch length. Just the right size for LPs.

Record lovers battle against the static electric charges that build up on PVC vinyl records. When static discharges through your stylus, you know it! 

There are many methods to reduce static on the record's surface. One is the G2 Fluid or GSR damp wiping method. Dry methods include expensive ion emitters. But we've found that the inexpensive Thunderon® fiber brush is excellent at dissipating static. 

0.0015 diameter Thunderon® fibers are super thin and soft, copper coated nylon. These fibers conduct the electric charge from the LP surface, through the ESD handle, through your hand and body to the ground through your feet. Try it! It works!

For best results, hold the record while using the brush. Variables with turntable platter materials can make brushing the record on the turntable less effective.

The Thunderon® brush is made in the USA. 

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