Necessary tools for the best sound from your records. GrooveWasher!
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Necessary tools for the best sound from your records. GrooveWasher!

Superior record and stylus cleaning performance with elegant design.

"Hands down the best record cleaning product on the market." Levi E.

Best LP Cleaning System on the Market
"I've been using my old Discwasher system so long, the cloth is ragged and I've long searched for whatever cleaning fluid I could find that would come close to the awesomeness of the original D3 fluid. I had pretty much given up on ever having a comparable LP cleaning system, until I happened to look at my e-mail one morning and see a Kickstarter announcement about a new product called GrooveWasher. I got in at the beginning and it's been a fabulous ride. The GrooveWasher system has actually IMPROVED upon the original Discwasher with both a better cleaning surface on the brush AND an improved cleaning fluid. I would urge anyone to give this system a try before they go out and plunk down major money for one of those overpriced cleaning tank units. You will be pleasantly surprised at what a good job the GrooveWasher system does at cleaning and maintaining your record collection." Randy M.

SC1 Stylus Cleaning Kit

The BEST brush for your stylus

"I’ve used almost every brush on the market today. None of them really worked. Then I ordered the GroveWasher SC1...what a life changer!!! My stylus sounds better, my stereo sounds LIFE sounds better!!!!!😁 I especially love the fact that the brushes are long enough to clean the underside of my Sumiko Blue Point #2 cartridge. So to Pro-Ject RM 5.1 SE thanks you, my records thank you, and I thank you. PS GrooveWasher threw in an extra bottle of cleaning fluid for FREE! Who does that???? GrooveWasher- that’s who. Class act! I will now be ordering a record cleaning kit, as a Christmas gift to myself!" R. Young

"A great addition to the quality line of GrooveWasher vinyl cleaning tools! The brush handle has a solid, balanced feel and the density, yet softness of the bristles on the brush gives me the confidence that this accessory will do a good job of keeping the stylus free of dust and debris. I could not be more pleased with this purchase, A+!"  Allen R.

The Vinyl Guide Podcast

“Keep your records clean with the best manual record cleaning system on Earth. And likely Mars and Jupiter too." Nate Goyer, The Vinyl Guide podcast

Look around the internet and you will find hundreds of cheap "record cleaners" that don't clean records very well. Read their fluid ingredients. Some are plain water. (What?) Or have high levels of isopropyl alcohol, which is not a good choice to use on vinyl records. There's no isopropyl alcohol in the GrooveWasher G2 and SC1 Fluids.

Choose GrooveWasher! The best record cleaning and stylus cleaning kits on Earth.

Designed and made by GrooveWasher in North Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
URP Music Distributors is the exclusive US distributor for GrooveWasher products. Tell your favorite record store about GrooveWasher. They can contact URP and stock our products.
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