Two-Step Bundle: G3 Fluid 8oz Mist Spray with GSR Super Rinse 32oz Bottle. Save $2.00!

Two-Step Record Cleaning - Bundle & Save!

G3 Record Cleaning Fluid is designed for heavier cleaning needs. It's the same formulation as our One-Step G2 Fluid with increased surfactant concentration. Greater cleaning power for dirty vintage records.

Due to the higher concentration of surfactants, G3 Fluid requires a rinsing step. Distilled water works well, however our GSR Super Rinse is better! GSR is "wetter than water." 

This Two-Step Bundle gives excellent results for vacuum cleaning machines and manual cleaning methods. (G3 followed by GSR is the GrooveWasher Kahuna's favorite manual cleaning method.)

Save $2 with this bundle compared to buying each product separately. 

(See the respective Product Listings for the detailed description of each of these fluids.)

G3 Two-Step Record Cleaning Fluids and GSR Super Rinse Fluids are formulated and made by GrooveWasher in North Kansas City, MO, USA. 

Free Shipping to US addresses for total orders over $79!


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