Bundle & Save | G2 Record Fluid & 'Splash' Mat

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BUNDLE & SAVE $7 G2 Record Cleaning Fluid, 8oz & 'Splash' Record Cleaning MatGrooveWasher's G2 Record Cleaning Fluid is specially formulated to clean vinyl records, safely,...


G2 Record Cleaning Fluid, 8oz &
'Splash' Record Cleaning Mat

GrooveWasher's G2 Record Cleaning Fluid is specially formulated to clean vinyl records, safely, effectively & quickly. Designed to refill fluid in the GrooveWasher Record Cleaning Kit. It was guided by the best record cleaning fluids of the 1970s. All 5 ingredients are all hydrophilic & safe for PVC Vinyl. No isopropyl alcohol. Anti-static on contact. No rinsing needed.

This Bundle Includes:

  • G2 Record Cleaning Fluid with NEW Trigger Sprayer (8 oz)
  • Exclusive 'Splash' Record Cleaning Mat
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For the first deep cleaning of a new or vintage record, it's best to clean off the turntable. Put your record on this soft, thick, two-ply cleaning mat and clean with your GrooveWasher Kit. Buy two of them if you like Teddy’s manual cleaning method.

Vintage vinyl records are dirtier now than they were 40 years ago, when vinyl was the preferred music medium. The light grooming that the vintage Discwasher kit performed was adequate in most cases. Now, a vintage vinyl record may have been stored in a basement or a barn! Dust and mold and old silicone preservative coatings are difficult to remove. Since the manual cleaning method may take some multiple spray and soaks and wipes, having a “landing mat” like the Splash Landing Mat makes the task easier!!

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