Bundle and Save | GrooveWasher Walnut Kit & SC1 Kit

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BUNDLE & SAVE $10 Walnut Record Cleaning Kit & SC1 Stylus Cleaning Kit For higher fidelity sound from your vinyl, both the record and the stylus must be clean!...

Walnut Record Cleaning Kit & SC1 Stylus Cleaning Kit 

For higher fidelity sound from your vinyl, both the record and the stylus must be clean! This bundle is the "must have" for both needs.

"This is a high-quality product that in addition to keeping your vinyl records in pristine condition, has a very attractive, ergonomic design."  Gerry L. 

This listing includes:

  • GrooveWasher Walnut Record Cleaning Kit. (Reg. $49.95)
  • SC1 Stylus Cleaning Kit. (Reg. $19.95)

(See separate product listings for the kit details.)

 Separately, these kits total $69.90.  Order this Bundle for only $59.90!

NOTE: The Splash Landing Mat shown in the photo is for illustration only! This Bundle does not include Splash Mat. See the Splash Landing Mat listing to order it.

NOTE: Our walnut products are solid chunks of 40 year old Black Walnut trees, harvested in the American Midwest. Every one is unique. Some may have small surface cracks, splits or knots. This is the character of the wood, not a craftsman's mistake. In this world of veneer, fake plastic wood and MDF, we hope you appreciate the quality and character of the solid, hand crafted GrooveWasher walnut products.

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