Bundle & Save | Walnut Record Cleaning Kit & SC1 Stylus Kit & Record Cleaning Mat

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 BUNDLE & SAVE $11.95Walnut Kit & SC1 Kit & Record MatBundle includes GrooveWasher Handcrafted Walnut Handled Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit, the SC1 Cleaner and Stylus...


BUNDLE & SAVE $11.95

Walnut Kit & SC1 Kit & Record Mat

Bundle includes GrooveWasher Handcrafted Walnut Handled Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit, the SC1 Cleaner and Stylus Brush and the exclusive to GrooveWasher Big G 16" vinyl record cleaning mat. This set makes a great gift for any record collector but especially those with an elevated and classic style.

This bundle includes:

  • GrooveWasher Walnut Record Cleaning Kit. (Reg. $49.95)
  • GrooveWasher SC1 Stylus Cleaning Kit. (Reg. $19.95)
  • GrooveWasher BIG 'G' OR 'Splash' Record Cleaning Mat. (Reg. $11.95)

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The record cleaner kit includes a 2oz refillable record cleaning solution spray bottle and our signature red label protector. The walnut record cleaning brush handle is adorned with an absorbent and washable microfiber cleaning pad to clean deep into the grooves of the vinyl record but to also absorb any remaining liquid for faster drying. With this combo, not only will you see the difference in clean -- you will hear the difference.

Cleaning off the turntable is our preferred method of manual record cleaning. So, we've included our Big 'G' or 'Splash' Record Cleaning Mat to protect your records as you clean. It is dual sided for a soft landing while you clean and a thick absorbent layer for more efficient drying.

Don't settle for stylus gels that don't work or a dense toothpick sized stylus brush to clean your record player needle. Our included SC1 Stylus Brush has a long curved handle making it comfortable to use. The soft sculpted bristles are safe to use on high end stylus needles. Add a drop or two to the tip of the stylus brush and gently run it across the needle tip. Unlike dense brushes that use force and friction to remove build up. The loose bristles of our stylus brush move around the stylus needle while the cleaner fluid removes the grime.

(NOTE: Our walnut products are solid chunks of 40 year old Black Walnut trees. Every one is unique. Some may have small surface cracks, splits or knots. This is the character of the wood, not a craftsman's mistake. In this world of veneer, fake plastic wood and MDF, we hope you appreciate the quality and character of the solid, hand crafted GrooveWasher walnut products.)

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