GrooveWasher Record Stabilizer Weight (Red Spiral)-Pre Production

The GrooveWasher Red Spiral Record Stabilizer Weight

The GrooveWasher Record Stabilizer Weight is a necessary tool to secure your record to the turntable pad and platter. Prevents record slippage and improves grippage. Flattens the record for improved tracking. Bass response improver. 

This GrooveWasher custom designed record weight is milled from solid aluminum. Finished in Groovy Red. With a mesmerizing spiral groove design on the side and GrooveWasher icon laser etched on the top. 18.8 oz / 532 grams.  

Includes hinged lid chipboard storage box with black foam insert.

FREE SHIPPING to US addresses. 

See the product listing for the matching 45 adapter.  And the combination package listing with both products.


This record weight is in pre-production. Please email your interest in purchasing and we will put you on the wait list. To be the first to purchase this innovative designed weight. Send your name and phone number to


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