GrooveWasher G2 Record Cleaning Fluid-64oz Refill Jug

Bigger is Better! For RCM Audiophiles.

One 64 ounce jug of G2 Fluid.  Use to refill the 2 ounce and 4 ounce mist spray bottles. 

Use G2 Fluid for manual spray & wipe cleaning and vacuum machine cleaning. With or without a rinsing step. Preferred by discerning audiophiles. 

High Tech G2 Fluid Contains:

State of the art detergents dissolve and suspend fingerprints and other oily grime.

Super wetting agent:
A specialty chemical that reduces the G2 Fluid's surface tension to reach the bottom of the groove. When you spray G2 Fluid on a record you can see it spread down the grooves.

Holds the oils, dirt, mildew and microdust particles in suspension. Then the microfiber fabric cleaning pad wipes and pulls the dirt-filled solution from the record surface.

Laboratory grade, double deionized, carbon filtered & UV treated water:
Carrier for the active cleaning ingredients. Eliminates static electric charges on the record's surface on contact.

"This refill is one of the essential parts of the GroveWasher product that simply works great. Gently cleans the record surface lifting out all the accumulated dirt and grime with ease."  Richard Villanova

 Designed and handcrafted by GrooveWasher in Kansas City, MO, USA. 

 NOTE: Photo showing the G2 Refill Bottle Family has the 8oz, 32oz and 64oz refill bottles. This listing is for the 64oz Refill Bottle only. 


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