Basic Bundle: Commando Kit & SC1 Kit--Save $5!

The Commando Record Cleaning Kit & the SC1 Stylus Cleaning Kit Bundle

Save $5 compared to buying separately! 15% Off.

Clean your records and your stylus for an entry level price.

This Bundle contains:

The Commando Kit

  • High Tech G2 Record Cleaning Fluid-4oz Mist Spray Bottle--enough to clean more than 100 records
  • High absorbency microfiber towel-12"x 12"
  • Record label protector mask
  • Record Cleaning Instructions 

The SC1 Stylus Cleaning Kit

  • Dense soft nylon bristle brush with 4.6" handle. Safely removes lint and dust from your needle and underside of the cartridge.
  • SC1 Stylus Cleaning Fluid. Apply a drop or two to the SC1 brush and dissolve sticky buildup on the stylus.

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