Bundle & Save | Inner & Outer Sleeves Set for 100 Records

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BUNDLE & SAVE $9.95 Inner "Mofi" & Outer Record Sleeves SetCaring for your record collection doesn't stop after you clean it. You've spent all that time...

BUNDLE & SAVE $9.95 

Inner "Mofi" & Outer Record Sleeves Set

Caring for your record collection doesn't stop after you clean it. You've spent all that time meticulously removing every bit of dust, oily fingerprints and stubborn pet hair so that your listening session has the highest fidelity sound -- don't waste it. When the euphonious experience is over, slip your shiny new (or old) vinyl record into our audiophile standard inner sleeve then into the jacket so it's ready to go next sesh. But wait! We didn't forget the cover. This bundle includes 100 Outer LP sleeves to protect against environmental factors & artwork scratches too!

This Bundle Includes:

  • 2x 50 pack Archival LP Inner Sleeves (Reg. $24.95 each)
  • 1x 100 pack Archival LP Outer Sleeves (Reg. $24.95)

(See respective product listings for additional details.)

An early design version for the inner sleeve (the VRP sleeve) was sold by the Discwasher company in the 1970s. Now widely known as the “Mofi” style, it’s preferred by audiophiles worldwide. This style is the same high-end inner sleeve design that comes with some of the best audiophile record pressings and labels. It’s an archival quality, three-ply, rice paper/HDPE sleeve that is anti-static and acid-free. They measure 12 1/8” x 12 1/8”. These sleeves will keep your collection dust and scratch free.

There are many options when it comes to outer sleeves these days. These are the everyday workhorse of outer sleeves that will protect your album jackets at a reasonable price. 12.75” x 12.625”, 3 Mil thick, polyethylene that will cover both single and double LP gatefold jackets. If you’re looking for outer sleeves to get the job done simply and cost effectively…you’re here!

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