GrooveWasher Kit Storage Box

New Acrylic Dust Proof Storage Box!

This box is custom designed to hold and store your GrooveWasher Kit in its Walnut Display Block, and keep everything dust free. Made from 3/16" thick bronze tinted transparent plexiglass. Strong and sturdy to last for years. 

The box lid is cut low in front so you can easily reach in and grab the GrooveWasher handle with pad and G2 Fluid 2oz mist spray to clean or groom the record just before play. The Block also holds your SC1 Stylus Brush and Fluid. Use to gently brush the stylus-when needed or every time before play.

The Box has the GrooveWasher Circle G Icon tastefully laser etched on the front. 

Keep your Kit next to your turntable for convenient record and stylus cleaning!

NOTE: This listing is for the empty GrooveWasher Storage Box. Photos showing the kit contents are included here for demonstration only. The entire Kit in these photos is part of the listing for the Magnum GrooveWasher Kit. 

NOTE 2: Some customers have given us valuable feedback on this box. They noticed some haziness near the seams. This is a result of the assembly process. To remove this haze we are now polishing the boxes before we ship with Meguiar's PlastX. This is also a good polish for plexiglass turntable covers. For fingerprints on your storage box (and phone/laptop/tablet screens), use G2 Fluid and wipe with microfiber cloth.

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